Plastic Bottle


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Metal Pen


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Smart Bracelet


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When you have a wide range of gift options, choosing the perfect item for each customer and situation becomes an easier task, even enjoyable. Our gift collection portfolio includes all major product categories from traditional and functional items to new technology gadgets and accessories. This ensures that you will always find the ideal product to deliver your message, taking your marketing, advertising or promotions to the next level.

Notebook and Dairy

NB 0031

Gifts Set
Box, Include Notebook 24X28 cm, Keychain, Pen, Wireless Mouse

Waterproof polyester smart bagpack for men

Pen with Sanitizer Spray
Pen with Spray fill with sanitize or alcohol inside

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Travel kit with different toiletry items

Product Description 1. Multi-functional, practical, can be placed toothbrush / toothpaste / towel / body wash / shampoo, high-grade, crystal-like texture, comfortable grip. 2. Safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, no BPA, high temperature resistance.

Wireless Charger

By induction. It has 5V/2A input and 5W charging power. Includes USB/micro USB cable for charging. This product is compatible with smartphones with wireless charging technology.